The January 31 fundraising event was a clear success.  Thanks to some help from my wonderful family, friends, and the awesome hospitality of Chef Tarsha and the EcoMarket Cafe, located in the historic El Dorado building, the MDfor18 Campaign Committee was able to hold its first fundraising event.  Guests enjoyed a bit of relaxing music provided by a local DJ and Third Ward community leader.  Chef Tarsha provided the attendees with a sneak peak of things to come and what the future holds for EcoMarket Cafe.  Chef Tarsha also informed those in attendance that she wished only to stimulate and progress the political dialogue within the community and the EcoMarket Cafe would not and could not give exclusive support to any candidate in particular. 

My  Grandfather, Joseph Vallery of Stowell Texas, introduced himself to the audience and explained some of the process that is involved with making his authentic Creole Rooster Gumbo.  Although he was very reluctant to share any info concerning his personal recipe, he was gracious enough to present everyone in attendance with a piping hot bowl of his rue filled delicacy.

After thanking the audience for their attendance we then took a look at an engaging visual presentation I had previously prepared on my personal computer.  The presentation covered subjects such as Candidate integrity and the need for an evolved political conversation here in the historic eighteenth district, Texas, and our great nation as a whole. 

I'm happy to say that our Treasurer now has some work to do.  I hope we can continue to keep our Treasury staff busy as we continue to engage the community and educate ourselves and our constituency in the process.  Overall, I had a wonderful time speaking with my neighbors and friends.  We live in an awesome Country.  This MDfor18 campaign is a testament to that fact.  I am humbled by the change we are creating.