A true leader knows how and when to follow.

I am a leader.  When given the opportunity to speak, my voice is capable of ringing through valley and mountaintop.  When a proper demand informs me that I must work, my actions and integrity combine and produce results that provide tangible proof of my integrity riddled intentions and effort.

I lead for the reason that I lack personal and private ambition.  I have no want for fame or rank.  I have no need for constant attention.  The only resemblance of ambition I may hold is the true love I have for the ambition of our country and her great citizens as a whole.  My ambition is to protect and expand the potential that arises from our citizens attaining their own and rightfully earned and protected happiness.

Some, if not many, of our elected public officials and maybe even my political opponent can be considered leaders; especially if they self-label themselves as such.  What we must remember is that the word leader is just that, a word.  Someone can lead you to glory just as well as lead you to your demise.  One could even lead you in circles, if you are not perceptive.

Quality, honor, and glory is not to be found in a person's ability to lead.  These qualities are found along the road or path in which this person is commanding you to travel.  For if you are not on the right road you will never arrive at the right destination.  

It takes many years to do many things, but progress can arise from one mere action.  Improvement resides within sincere intent.  It takes a second to be good and to impersonate good is a habit reserved for the lowest of our existence.

So let us be prudent with our usage of such a word as leader.  Let us commit the word leader to ring with the same small resonance of other timid words such as log or stick.  Let us observe and demand to know what the log or stick will be used for and then let us put it or them to work.  Also, we must not continue to give these sticks and logs such drastic time-frames to complete these tasks for after all, logs and sticks gradually become weak or rotted.  If not capable, we must replace them with vigorous effort, for it is the well-being of our friends and family, if not the good of all mankind that is at stake.

I believe in the benefit of owning fundamental qualities.  I know importance that lies within being thorough and having the dedication to follow through.  I understand the power of words and I recognize the confusion and cruelty that resides in their misuse.

Though I am campaigning to attain a position of leadership, it is you my fellow citizen and neighbor whose lead I ultimately intend to follow.  A vote for Maurice Duhon is a vote for you.  Please help me, help you, help us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Maurice Duhon, Jr. 1:12 AM

Well, I have repeatedly attempted to convince myself not to run.  Some nights I have even resorted to the cruel act of purposely filling my mind with the pleasures of self-doubt and ignorant fear.  These attempts were useless.  Tomorrow, like today, I will find myself in the middle of a United States Congressional Campaign and I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the most exciting factors one would encounter within this campaign is the feeling that this MDfor18 campaign grows in size with each coming day.  As we work to ensure and facilitate progress for the district and our nation, it is the potential for greatness and honor that shall remain as our motivation.  Always moving and ever growing, this campaign reminds me of a journey aboard some grand steam engined train bound for our nation's capital.  As I share these thoughts with you I am reminded of a line delivered by the actor Tom Hanks in a Christmas themed movie, "The Polar Bear express".  As a Conductor on a train, Hank's character shares a bit of advice with a young passenger on board.  "One thing about trains" he says, "It doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on".  These words have remained with me since and I hope you can give them a ponder.