Maurice Duhon, Jr.
Independent Candidate
U.S. Congress, TX 18th District

PO Box 300426
Houston, TX  77230

Dear fellow American,

There is or will be no greater time to dutifully vote for and elect candidates whose steadfast political intent reside within a sincere and duty bound effort, characterized by a focus to restore integrity and character within our nation's legislative bodies.  I am vehemently proud in sharing with you that I am such a candidate.
Due to the extreme political stagnation that has grown from within the Texas 18th Congressional district, I am fully aware of the dire need for new representation not only in our beloved 18th, but throughout our Congressional houses as well.  
This campaign which holds my name is in no way decorative nor without content.  This MDfor18 is simply an opportunity for our citizens to discuss the potential I hold to deliver an updated, rational, and logical voice to our nation's legislative conversation.  It is also an opportunity to preserve our eternal Constitution and restore our nation's ideal of a representative government.

This is not a chance for Maurice Duhon, Jr. to win the election.  This is an opportunity for the American people to win the election by thoroughly voting for and contributing to the Maurice Duhon for Congress Campaign.

As I declared my intent to run in December of 2011, also filing comprehensively with the Federal Election Commission, and walking miles throughout the district conversing with her many residents;  I see no flippant purpose in the whole of this MDfor18 campaign.  This is a serious campaign and these are the most serious of times.
I thank you for your time and consideration.

With warmest regards,

Maurice Duhon, Jr.
Independent Candidate
U.S. Congress, TX-18
A true leader knows how and when to follow.

I am a leader.  When given the opportunity to speak, my voice is capable of ringing through valley and mountaintop.  When a proper demand informs me that I must work, my actions and integrity combine and produce results that provide tangible proof of my integrity riddled intentions and effort.

I lead for the reason that I lack personal and private ambition.  I have no want for fame or rank.  I have no need for constant attention.  The only resemblance of ambition I may hold is the true love I have for the ambition of our country and her great citizens as a whole.  My ambition is to protect and expand the potential that arises from our citizens attaining their own and rightfully earned and protected happiness.

Some, if not many, of our elected public officials and maybe even my political opponent can be considered leaders; especially if they self-label themselves as such.  What we must remember is that the word leader is just that, a word.  Someone can lead you to glory just as well as lead you to your demise.  One could even lead you in circles, if you are not perceptive.

Quality, honor, and glory is not to be found in a person's ability to lead.  These qualities are found along the road or path in which this person is commanding you to travel.  For if you are not on the right road you will never arrive at the right destination.  

It takes many years to do many things, but progress can arise from one mere action.  Improvement resides within sincere intent.  It takes a second to be good and to impersonate good is a habit reserved for the lowest of our existence.

So let us be prudent with our usage of such a word as leader.  Let us commit the word leader to ring with the same small resonance of other timid words such as log or stick.  Let us observe and demand to know what the log or stick will be used for and then let us put it or them to work.  Also, we must not continue to give these sticks and logs such drastic time-frames to complete these tasks for after all, logs and sticks gradually become weak or rotted.  If not capable, we must replace them with vigorous effort, for it is the well-being of our friends and family, if not the good of all mankind that is at stake.

I believe in the benefit of owning fundamental qualities.  I know importance that lies within being thorough and having the dedication to follow through.  I understand the power of words and I recognize the confusion and cruelty that resides in their misuse.

Though I am campaigning to attain a position of leadership, it is you my fellow citizen and neighbor whose lead I ultimately intend to follow.  A vote for Maurice Duhon is a vote for you.  Please help me, help you, help us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


The state of Texas will allow Maurice Duhon to be listed as an Independent Congressional candidate on the Nov. 2012 ballot if the MDfor18 Campaign is able to turn in 500 valid signatures of support listed on the "Petition for Place on a Ballot".

The MDfor18 campaign has begun to circulate this petition and we are inviting you to allow your voice of support be heard by signing this petition.  A signature on this petition does not signify any support for this particular campaign.  It only declares your support  in allowing and Independent to be placed on the ballot.

Please help us gain these needed signatures so that we may continue to concentrate on the forward movement and progression of not only our great 18th Congressional district but also our great country as well.

For your signature to be deemed as valid you must; 

Be a resident of the 18TH Congressional District of Texas
and you must not have voted in the 2012 Democratic or Republican primary.

If you are eligible and willing to sign this petition, we ask that you please contact our Maurice Duhon for Congress staff (713)539-4027   or
and we will promptly arrange for an MDfor18 representative to with meet you in a public area that is convenient for you and you will then be provided with your chance to sign the petition and help place an Independent Congressional candidate on the November ballot for the 18th district of Texas, currently represented by 17 year incumbent U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee.

We thank you for your time and consideration.

Dear Fellow American,

Please allow me to thank you for performing your civil duty today.  No matter your voting preference, it is the commendable action you have taken today, to have your voice heard, that will continue to preserve our country's greatness.

As I shall promise to remember you; I hope you may find purpose in remembering me while I campaign this year as an Independent Congressional candidate and challenge, 17 year incumbent,  U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee for the seat representing our historic and beloved 18th district of Texas.

Myself and the MDfor18 campaign, like yourself, care greatly for our city, state, and country.  We invite you to join us in a conversation that will strive to deliver the innovations and solutions that will produce the legislative results needed to uphold the ideals of our nation's Constitution.

With warmest regards,

Maurice Duhon, Jr.

Ind. Candidate U.S. Congress District 18, Texas

EMERGENCY Rally to Save the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center.


MLK Community Center
2720 Sampson St, Houston, TX 77004
1.3 miles from the Texas southern University Campus

The Houston MLK Community Center was established in 1968, the night before Dr. King was assassinated.

If you do not attend this event, the MLK Center will be taken from the hands of the Third Ward Community and given to Chase bank for private real estate development.

Help YOUR community show the MLK Center Board of Directors, Third Ward will not enable or tolerate the demolition of one of Houston's oldest and largest private African-American real estate investments.  Please give the MLK Center Board your opinion.

The choice is simple:

Show the MLK Center Board of Directors that You (in person and in attendance) believe the MLK Board should preserve this great landmark that community leaders such as Moses Leroy, Barbara Jordan, Mickey Leland, and many others worked hard to support.


Disregard this message and allow private land developers to do with this Third Ward land as THEY see fit.

If you see this building for yourself and learn of all the current resources and possibilities it possesses, you will quickly understand why we must meet at the MLK Center as a COMMUNITY THIS SUNDAY at 4pm.

The MLK Community Center may be standing right now, but without YOU Sunday, that institution and its history, our history, will disappear.  The namesake of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deserves or attention and his legacy demands OUR participation in this monumental decision.

Please Join Us THIS Sunday at the MLK Center at 4pm 2720 Sampson St, Houston, TX 77004
1.3 miles from the Texas southern University Campus

Please Be The Person That Shows Up. 

Music, Refreshments, and Fellowship will be provided as supplies last.

For MORE INFO, RSVP, or to Discuss how you or your organization may help or volunteer, please contact (713) 539-4027 ASAP

Please call the Board of Directors and tell them you want them to prevent the MLK Center from falling into the hands of non-community inclusive land developers.  Please inform them that the MLK Center belongs to the 3rd Ward Community and her children.

Elnora McDonald  (281) 798-3879

Ella Nunn   (713) 313-7785

Gerald Womack  (713) 523-7402

Bill Lawson  (281) 989-6053

LaSalle Donnell  (713) 313-7785

This story is not receiving much attention in the media.  

 U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee enacted a federal program this week which will now have Undercover T.S.A. , Dept.

Homeland Security, and Harris County Constables, perform random bag searches on Houston METRO Bus Customers Riding the Bus in Low-Income areas of Houston.

 This federal program is paid for by tax dollars paid by the very adults who own the bags that are to be randomly searched, not to mention the parents of the child, pre-teen, and teen bus riders deemed "suspicious" by these nameless uniformed and ununiformed officers while riding METRO in low-income areas.  An undercover officer on buses to protect our citizens is understandable, but having random bag searches performed on METRO Riders with no proof of probable cause?  Well that just plainly disregards our 4th Amendment rights.  Please Lead Us Forward Madam Jackson-Lee, not backwards. 

Speaking directly to her fellow citizens, the Congresswoman Jackson-Lee shared these words.

"If you think you're going to be a bad actor on buses, get ready. You are going to have a short-lived time frame,"
-Jackson Lee

 short-lived [shawrt-lahyvd, -livd]  an adjective meaning:   Living or lasting only a little while. 

 If the congresswoman would like to halt bad acting, she may want to speak with the folks in Hollywood or the geniuses attempting to convince me that random bag searches on Second, Third, and Fifth Ward Houston Residents is going to help stop terrorism.   

 Friday's operation occurred from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. eight felony arrests were

made in one shift, compared to five last month. (METRO Blog)  

 Please hear me, a felony is a felony and felonies go to jail, but............... we have a Houston Police, County Sheriffs, Constables, Metro Police, and our Congresswoman, whom I thank for her diligent service but occasionally and respectably disagree with at times, has decided that in the midst of an economic depression Houston should be the pilot city to host a T.S.A. TAX DOLLAR FUNDED Police Force to, as the METRO Blog stated the...

"Law officials performed random bag checks, conducted sweeps with our K-9 drug

and bomb-detecting dogs, and assigned both uniformed and plainclothes officers

at transit centers and rail platforms to detect and prevent criminal activity."

I am a huge supporter of fine, diligent, and honorable police work, but I am an even larger supporter of leaving that work to be done by our local policing entities.  To put it plainly, "That's what they're here for" and I thank them and the T.S.A. for the work they do every day because they our fellow citizens and they are trying to do their job and make an honorable living.  These citizens are not the directors and architects of their daily activities.  

 Our nation's T.S.A. is a great resource that can be utilized in many ways to protect our citizens.  It is just my humble belief that our inner-city METRO Buses and Rail platforms may not be where those federal dollars need to be utilized if the main focus is placed on preventing terrorism by performing random bag searches on Houston bus riders, especially in a city where bus ridership numbers are so low.  Sure you'll get eight marijuana felonies a shift, but you'll also get 8 salaries, 8 full tanks of gas, 8 tazers, and a multitude of other tax burdens to boot and not one "Constitution 101" orientation class.


Honest police work works.

IInfringing and ignoring an American citizen's 4th Amendment rights does not work and is counter-productive.

Undercover officers on buses to, like detectives, prevent crime and protect citizens... I fully and whole heartedly support.  I am horrified by the reported sexual assault cases that have occurred concerning women bus riders.  I promote officers on buses.  I would go as far as to suggesting a METRO Bus rider HELP/EMERGENCY Phone/Text Number that could be used by any Metro rider whom feels threatened.  I will not support threating current METRO riders with having their civil liberties stripped from them and having their 4th Amendment rights temporarily taken from them for their choosing to participate in our city's public transportation system.  

 4th Amendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 

If our current Congresswoman would like to deter crime and promote American Civil Rights and the Protection of our U.S. Constitution, she may want to begin communicating or forming a proper dialogue with her constituency rather than searching our pockets and bags.  

Will I have to take my belt off and remove my shoes before entering the METRO Bus next year?
Will I have to prove my citizenship before I board the METRO Rail next year?

As a person whom rode a METRO Bus yesterday morning, and a resident of a low-income Houston neighborhood, this is no attempt at humor.

 I thank you for patiently and compassionately inspecting this message.


Please accept my sincere apologies for my concerned tone. 



 S.J.Lee intro's Houston Metro Bus Safe system... TSA does random searches

Dear fellow citizen,

I thank you for taking a moment to inspect our MDfor18 website.  I choose the word "our" because, in this very moment, at this present time, it is fitting to do so.  This campaign is a testament to public service.  This campaign works to better our community and our nation.  This MDfor18 campaign strives to achieve answers for the tough and complex questions that challenge our individual prosperity and happiness.  Why are we forced to tolerate such an unacceptable rate of unemployment (11.8%), in our great 18th district?  With so many of our hard earned tax dollars appropriated for public education; why are we subject to such dismal and disappointing completion and graduation rates in our 18th district schools?  This campaign also asks, "Can we create a new modernized tax code for our nation.  A tax code that would reward the hard working and dedicated American workforce rather than allowing the backbone of our American society to be burdened by a tax policy that refuses to promote their own financial well being.

There is much more conflict, burden, and struggle to be found within our historic Congressional district that deserves mention, but more than deserving mention, these issues deserve to be resolved.  Today is the beginning of a conversation concerning our future.  Nothing invested in this patriotic conversation solely belongs to myself, other than my name of course, but as of today my name now belongs to those whom seek tangible political progress, results-based leadership, and a return to distinguished statesmanship.  My name now belongs to those amongst us whom demand from their elected officials an unyielding sense of accountability and honesty.  My name now belongs to anyone whom recognizes the need for a new voice and a better choice to introduce new innovative ideas and a common-sense comprehension of those plentiful obstacles that now impede our path to American prosperity.  Today, and for the year that lay ahead of us, the name Maurice Duhon, is offered to you not as a simple solution, but as a practical choice for the enhancement of our esteemed district's legislative relevance and the rejuvenation of our American economic competitiveness.

The legs of this energetic campaign have hit the ground running.  I am humbled by the task before us, but I am energized, motivated, and inspired to embark on this worthy journey.  I would be honored if you choose to join us.

All aboard! Full steam ahead!

With warmest regards,

Maurice Duhon, Jr.
IND. U.S. Congress Candidate (TX) 18th District
Maurice Duhon, Jr.
(IND) Candidate – US Congress (TX) 18th District, Houston
P.O. Box 300426
Houston, Texas 77230

Maurice Duhon for Congress (MDfor18)
Campaign Committee Meeting 4/10/12

Maurice Duhon for Congress Committee meetings are open to the public

Please feel welcome to join us and discuss any civic or federal issues
YOU believe may need attention or require resolution.

Luigi’s Pizza will be provided for those choosing to RSVP before
12pm 4/10/12
Please Email RSVP to

Tuesday April 10, 2012

Baldwin Park, 1701 Elgin
Houston, TX 77004
(Park is located one block from Hwy 288 @ Elgin)

Meeting will be held in or near the
Baldwin Park Gazebo located in the center of Baldwin Park

Since we’ll be outside, please remember to bring yourself a chair if possible.

6:30PM -7:30PM

Please contact the MDfor18 Campaign

Maurice Duhon for Congress

PO Box 300426
Houston, TX 77230

March 28, 2012

Dear fellow Citizen,

The critical first fundraising quarter of our 2012 Congressional campaign ends in less than a week, this Saturday March 31 2012, at midnight.  We were proud to observe the Maurice Duhon for Congress Campaign receive attention from a number of respected national websites, media outlets, and social networking sites.  Many in the media will be paying close attention to the federal financial contribution reports many campaigns, including this one, will file with the Federal Election Commission after the midnight deadline this Saturday. 
By contributing to the MDfor18 Campaign you are helping us put the American tax-payer back in the driver's seat by putting
working-class Americans like you and I, back into our esteemed United States Congress. Any contribution made
before this Saturday night will give us the resources we need to expand our MDfor18 Campaign message of “common-sense politics”.  Since we've already caught the attention of a handful of national media sources, it just might be your generous donation that could help us to gain the attention of many more.

With the greatly appreciated contributions we have received to date, we have been able to secure promotional materials, business cards, and other essential campaigning items, but you and I know we will need much more.  We also had the honor of sponsoring a field-trip transporting a lovely group of neighborhood children and elderly residents to an art exhibit across town that proved to be a memorable occasion for us all.  We are also excited to share that our MDfor18 Community Garden is ready for its spring cleaning!

 Your support today will give us the momentum we need to continue into the next quarter of this 2012 Congressional campaign.  Please take a moment and help the Maurice Duhon for Congress Campaign continue to sponsor such endearing and meaningful activities as these and the many more we can facilitate if we gain your heroic support.

 Your contribution will help me to be a stronger candidate, purchase essential promotional materials and TV/Radio ads.  It will increase volunteer recruitment, stimulate our local economy, and contribute to the most formidable, rational, and organized challenge to ever be witnessed by my opponent, U.S. Representative Madame Sheila Jackson-Lee, (TX) 18th District (17
year incumbent). 

But most importantly, contributing to the MDfor18 Campaign will give yourself a chance to voice your important opinion in this
national discussion and participate in the future of our great nation.  I’m ready to bring our common-sense to Washington. I've got the vehicle.  All we need now is the fuel.  Please help us restore political accountability in our nation's capital.  Let’s go!

Financial contributions can be made instantly by calling (713)539-4027 or by sending an email to  Contributions can be made with all Major Credit Cards, Check, or Cash ($100 cash limit per FEC rules).  Arrangements can be made for check or cash pick-up or both can be mailed to

PO BOX 300426 Houston, TX 77230
(checks payable to Maurice Duhon for Congress).
Please feel more than welcome to contact the MDfor18 Campaign if you have any further questions and I
sincerely thank you for your time and consideration.

With warmest regards,

Maurice Duhon, Jr.
Independent Candidate
U.S. Congress (TX) 18th District  DuhonforCongress

Paid for by Maurice Duhon for

Federal law requires us to
use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation
and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a
calendar year, or

To comply with Federal law,
we must use our best efforts to obtain, maintain, and submit the name, mailing
address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions
exceed $200 per calendar year.

Contributions are not deductible for Federal income tax

It's been a few years since I have composed any "formal" poetry or prose.  I can honestly tell you my life began the day my sixth grade teacher found a poem that I had written during her class.  Rather than scold me for being distracted from her lesson, she seemed to favor my humble composition.  So much so, that she requested I perform it for the whole middle school at the upcoming assembly.  Years later, here I stand, sharing my sincere thoughts and perspectives with you.  As I feel poetic inspiration to be a gift of mine that comes and goes, I'm thankful to have this opportunity to share a recent poetic inspiration of mine with you.

Beware of the foam fingered patriot, for his home sits atop of a fence.
He will argue with you just to get to your rue and for a dollar he'll jest to make cents; or sense or scents.
Quick to make judgements is how he shall be for ignorance is his consequence.

Beware of the foam fingered patriot for he rides the most common of trails. He drinks from a cup filled up with guff and savors flavors of many ails.
In Mind over Matter he'll covet the latter, and heave it upon you in pails.
-Maurice Duhon, Jr.

The hair is lost with a sigh.
The grace is lost with a grin.
The strength is lost with a nod.
Hope to keep your heart throughout.
-Maurice Duhon, Jr..